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Best Filler For Hairline Cracks In Plaster - Fix it this way
Do you also get that eerie feeling when you see that multitude of thin cracks on your plaster walls? We share the same dilemma. Filling up these gaps is a task, but the work is as smooth as butter if you know the suitable fillers and tools. Before we get to that part, let us dig into the reasons why these appear on plaster walls. Read more...
How To Paint Newly Plastered Walls - Cheap, Easy, And No Mess Technique We Use
Painting over a newly plaster wall is a dilemma that most painters and professionals have to face. But we at Magic view Decorating definitely do not go through the hassle and mess of painting on a newly plastered wall as we have the right codes cracked. Do you want to know what we do for our clients? Then pause a while and read on. 
Here are the surefire steps that we follow before we paint newly plastered walls. All the steps covered here are easy, cheap and no mess technique.
How to Smooth Plaster Walls Before Painting- Know Amazing Tricks
A smooth wall before you start painting feels WOW! Isn’t it? But what if the walls are of plaster? How to smoothen it down? Find all those secret tricks here in this article. Read on.
Can you Paint Satin Over Gloss? - Know the Ways to Paint Satin Over Semi Paint
Are you headed up with painting your house? Choosing the paint color is hard, but do you know what's harder? Choosing which kind of paint you should go for!
Satinwood vs Gloss: Know the Difference Between two Paints
The idea of painting or decorating a room fascinates us more than you think it does! The question about which is better, Satinwood V/S Gloss, is quite common, and here in this piece of article, I have tried to cover the major qualms that people often have regarding which paint finish to choose from both.
Why Hire Painters & Decorators in North London
Whether you plan on renovating or indulging in new construction, painting & decorating tasks necessitate unique know-how and exceptional experience. There is a proliferation of painters & decorators in North London, making it difficult to find your means around and select the best service provider.
Top Quality Spray Painting North London
Magic View Decorating delivers top-quality spray painting services in North London because of our experience. We have been working in this industry for over 15 years, which makes us experts at what we do. Hiring us will put you at an advantage because we can complete the paint job in half the time.
Painting and Decorating Services in North West London
If you find it challenging to deal with your house’s paint job and the overall interior decor, we totally understand it. Painting and decorating services in northwest London are tough to execute. Therefore, all you need is expert advice and adept artisans who will get the job done for you. Magic View Decorating Ltd fits every criterion for being crowned as the best painting and decorating service in northwest London.
Factors to Consider when Choosing Exterior Painter in North London
London is recognized to have lined houses, combining a range of colours and embellishment, which makes for stunning scenery. Nevertheless, over time decoration and paint starts to fade naturally. For this reason, it is imperative to stay on top of exterior painting using a trustworthy, competent painter.
Painting and decorating North London - Meeting commercial and residential needs
Re-decorating your house happens rarely. It incorporates more than just throwing paint on the wall and believing that it looks good. An excellent painting and decorating job necessitates skills and proper technique. If you have decided to change your house's look and give it a fresh look, then one of the simplest renovations is painting and decorating.
Reasons to Use Professional Painting and Decorating Services North West London
Whether it is an office, your house or a mini apartment; first impressions count. Having said that, it is imperative that the painting and decorating job on the house is done to perfection. If your house or company building has an outdated décor or paint, then it is time you hire professional painting and decorating services in North West London.
Reasons Why You Need Us To Repaint Your House's Exterior
At Magic View Decorating Ltd, we understand that redoing your exterior is a hard decision to make. However, we are here to the rescue with our excelling services in North West London. Redoing your exterior is pretty much the same as reviving your house. Living on the inside, you may feel exactly that same but what people passing by see is the exterior of your house.
First Class Painting and Decorating North West London
Magic View Decorating Ltd is a well-known company that deals with painting and decorating in North West London. The team at Magic View Decorating Ltd knows that a good home painting job is all about minimal disruption to you, your lives and your property and maximum aesthetics and wow factor to your home.

A professional paint job needs to stand the test of time and it should deliver high levels of professionalism.
Painting and Decorating North West London
Magic View Decorating Ltd is your one-stop solution for painting and decorating residential and commercials areas with a three-tier approach, plan, prepare, and paint. We are here to help you plan and map your renovations, make a list of all relevancies, and then start revamping your selected area.

Our team of skilled painters and decorators have worked in various disciplines, which allows us to take on many versatile requests. This is why whether you want glossy paint, wallpaper, or a stripping wallpaper – our team can help you select one according to your needs and budget.
Why is Spray-painting Northwest London a feasible option?
Do you know the spray painting technique? Have you ever considered using it in your facility for retouching purposes? If you are still skeptical about the advantages of this technique or the way that you can use it, then we are going to solve most of your concerns regarding it.

Spray Painting and decorating in South London can be more feasible as compared to the other painting options because using this technique, a wide range of products such as paints, primers, and stains can be used.
Professional Exterior House Painting
Magic View Decorating Ltd prides itself on providing high-quality exterior painting finish every time. We use the latest technology, products, and finishes, our painters and decorators ensure our clients receive a professional, competitive and personal service. With over a decade of experience and knowledge, we aim to provide reliable and affordable services.

We deal in all sorts of painting and decorating services including interior and exterior wall painting. We understand that choosing the right colour and texture for your exterior is the hardest task among all during the project. Be rest assure that you do not have to do it alone!
Bespoke Painting and Decorating Services
Searching for high-end painting and decorating services in North West London? Welcome to Magic View Decorating Ltd. Breathe a new life to your home. We are experts in providing interior and exterior painting and decorating for apartments, residential houses, flats, restaurants, offices and all commercial facilities.

We emphasize on the quality of workmanship, excellent customer service, reliable and guaranteed services and customer satisfaction. Give your home a total facelift and refresh it's inside as well as outside with us.