Can you Paint Satin Over Gloss? - Know the Ways to Paint Satin Over Semi Paint

Can you Paint Satin Over Gloss? - Know the Ways to Paint Satin Over Semi Paint

From: 2021-04-20 | Category: Painting
There is an abundance of paint finishes to talk about. You have got matte, Gloss, super glossy, sheen, satin, and what not! Each of them gives a super unique look. Today in this article, I have covered the most sought answer for "Can you paint Satin over Gloss?"

Can you Paint Satin Over Gloss?

Before jumping to the answer, let me brief you on what is gloss and satin paint.

What is Satin paint?

A satin paint in texture is silky and smooth. It leaves behind a pearl-like shine finish when it dries off. A satin finish reflects much more light than other paint finishes. Satin paint does not come off even if you wash it off the wall. And stands up well to washing. Satin paint is good to use in bathrooms, kitchen, kid's room, or even throughout the house.

Satin paint

What is Gloss paint?

Gloss paint used to be an oil-based paint in the past, but nowadays, the gloss paint is waterbased with less amount of VOC. It is widely used for traditional wood painting. It is used indoors, with windows, wooden works, furniture, etc.; it is very reflective and leaves a sheen effect on the surface of the painted area.

The thing with satin finish is that it gives you a luxurious touch to your rooms. It is really recommendable to paint it on the interior walls of your rooms. In comparison, gloss paints are easier to clean off from the walls. Satin paints win for me as they can hide every imperfection on the surface, unlike other paint types. So like many others, even I prefer choosing Satin over Gloss paints. The satin finish is preferred for kitchens, bathrooms, kid's rooms, and many more.

Gloss paint

Now the answer to the day's question is YES, you can paint any kind of paint over the other kind of paint, but there are few things to keep in mind about that. While you are painting the house, ensure that before painting over the previous point, note if it is an oil-based paint or a water-based paint. Let me give you a golden tip, and It is always oil over water, not water over oil. If your paint was oil-based before covering, then do not use water-based paint.

Before covering, clean the wall with an oil-based primer. Then you can paint over it by painting double coats of your new paint.

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