Can You Use Emulsion As Undercoat: Yay Or Nay

Can You Use Emulsion As Undercoat: Yay Or Nay

Can You Use Emulsion As Undercoat

From: 2022-03-02 | Category: Emulsion paint
Before we jump to the answer, for those who don't know what emulsion paint is, let us know about it. Emulsion paint consists of small particles of polymers with pigment and is a water-based paint. These particles contain pigment in them, which is suspended in water which then dries, creating a film on the paint applied on the wall. Emulsion paint is used as a coating on top of the paint and can be used as exterior painting. Emulsion paints constituents of several chemicals, namely, 25% Pigment, 45% Solvent, 25% Binder, 5% Other Additives. 

To understand whether we can apply emulsion as an undercoat paint, it is essential to analyze its properties so one can figure out its effect as an undercoat. 

Can You Use Emulsion As Undercoat

Properties of Emulsion paint:

  • They are less toxic and contain minimum volatile organic compounds.
  • It has washability properties that give the surface a lustrous effect. 
  • It can be wiped off like most of the sheen paints.
  • Not just one, you get different finishes such as glossy, semi-glossy, eggshell, matte, and smooth.
  • The quality of the color does not deteriorate when it comes in contact with water.
  • It is non-inflammable and has less odor.
  • It can be used on walls as well as ceilings as it is thick and easy to use. 

properties of emulsion paint

Now coming to the central question,

Can You Use Emulsion As an Undercoat paint?

As you now know the properties of emulsion paint, it is easy to determine its effectiveness as an overcoat. Yes, you can use it as an undercoat, but you probably should skip using it as one. 

Simply because it has a lot of downsides as an undercoat such as:

  • To start with, an emulsion will not stick to the wall paint as a traditional undercoat will. 
  • Emulsion paint won't adhere to the paint as an undercoat, which will peel off the paint. 
  • Emulsion paint is thick, and undercoats are meant to be a lot thinner, so they will not leave unsightly lines in the finish.

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