How To Paint Newly Plastered Walls - Cheap, Easy, And No Mess Technique We Use

How To Paint Newly Plastered Walls - Cheap, Easy, And No Mess Technique We Use

From: 2021-07-30 | Category: Painting

How To Paint Newly Plastered Walls

Before knowing the steps, let us gather all the materials that we need to have before beginning the process. 

Materials we use to paint on newly plastered walls:
1. Gloves
2. Safety goggles
3. Old newspapers or ragged clothes
4. Emulsion
5. Water
6. Paint
7. Paintbrushes
8. Rollers 

1. Dry the plaster.
  • Painting a newly plastered wall will bring you more mess. If the wall is not completely dry, then the paint you apply will start cracking and peel off eventually. And that's what we do not want. A thing with plasters is that they quickly absorb things in, so you know how disastrous it would be to paint on them while wet. 
  • Patience is the key, and the plaster takes up to 4 weeks to dry off entirely naturally. But if you are low on time, use a heater or a blower to work things up. At the same time, painting on a dry plastered wall results in drying the paint faster by not letting you give it a final finish. To avoid the same, you need to apply a coat of the mist coat, which is our second step. 

2. Don't miss the mist coat! 
  • Next up, you need to prime those dry walls with a mist coat. A mist coat is a kind of priming to the walls. It is an undercoat that ensures that the final coat of paint sticks to the walls nicely. It increases the durability of the paint and also gives an added protection. 
How to make a mist coat?
  • Take a lighter coloured emulsion that is sort of similar to the final paint colour, and dilute it with water. We recommend a ratio of 70:30 paint to water to make the perfect mist coat. Remember, you do not have to thicken the solution; add more water if it is still thick. However, check the instructions on the paint tin to make the mist coat at the given ratio. 
  • If you think making a mist coat will take much of your time, you can also look for a water-based primer that is always easily available. 

3. Application of the mist coat
  • Before applying the mist coat that you made or the primer you brought, on the newly plastered walls, cover the floors, the furniture, and decors with newspapers or old clothes because it will be super messy. 
  • Choose your tool, a paintbrush or a roller. With a roller, you can get your work done quickly, but the mist coat is too drippy, which means it will make your area messier. That is why we recommend a paintbrush, though it will take much time, you will get a perfect finish. Apply the mist coat and wait for a day to let it dry completely before you start painting on the walls.

4. Splash the paint
  • The last step is our favourite. Now the wall is all set to get painted with all colours that you love. Paint the walls, design and decorate the room as you want it. Now your room is all set to get some stares and glares. 

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