Customer Reviews

Why is it worth to work with us?
Excellent choice
The Magicview decorating provides you with a good and long-lasting exterior painting in North London. For aesthetically appealing exteriors and the longer life of your walls, magic view decorating is an excellent choice.
Emily / London
Exceptional quality work
The Magicview Decorating team did an excellent job of painting our entire flat with exceptional quality work. They advised us with great ideas, and the final project came down to be beautiful. We highly recommend everyone in North London to avail of their exterior painting services for domestic and commercial use.
Chris / North London
Great value for money.
A section in our office interior had a damp-stained ceiling that needed redecorating. Magic View Decorating managed to have it done on short notice. The whole team is efficient & quick in exterior painting in the whole of north London. We recommend all their services.
Mark / London
Five Star Quality.
After seeking a number of quotations, we chose Magic View Decorating. They are highly professional yet friendly and responsive. They gave us a number of suggestions about how to go with the project. They made sure to complete the project before the promised time. We loved their work and appreciated the team effort. Magic View Decorating is the best exterior painting service in north London. We highly recommend them.
Josh Adams / Wembley
Fantastic team
The entire team of magic view decorating is fantastic, and I couldn't recommend them more highly. It's rare to find such a level of professionalism and integrity. The standard of their work is 10/10.
Arthur / London